‘If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you‘re right.’

Henry Ford

Logosynthesis was developed by Villem Vammers, Dpsych. This method helps people bring about the change they aspire to.
Logosynthesis is a practical and very efficient way for both adults and children to let go of painful memories, emotional wounds and limiting beliefs.
When we start a disturbing topic, some things happen in our brain:
-our senses collect information about reality, what is going on
-information go through the thalamus to the amygdale…there we notice a threat
-That alarm tells us to fight, run away, freeze or stay unconcerned
When logosynthesis is applied, information that causes an alarm in amygdale, get neutralized and deleted and our brain is in balance again.
What does logosynthesis do?
-It helps with energy flow
-Logosynthesis® takes your energy back , to the right place in you, in your own Self
-Energy flows to the right place
– It’s connected to the Essence , to your higher Self,
-It helps you to be whole and happy again

Logosynthesis® helps you to move the energy
-It moves the energy to the right place
– It establishes the flow to now –and-here
-From your own space, it takes out the energy that doesn’t belong to you
-It helps you to develop and grow
Everything that has been has disappeared
Everything that is can be
Everything that is coming can be
The mechanism of logosynthesis is power of word. What can throw you off balance :
-Family members, institutions, working place, cultural concepts, values and beliefs, cities, countries, school years, friends, doctors, leaders, the media, animals…

Test your triggers, they can be visual, auditory, kinestetic, oflactory, gustatory.
Words and sentences have active and effective power which exceeds their content.