“Reality is not what I would like it to be.
It’s not what it should be
It’s not what people have told me it was.
It’s not what it used to be.
Nor is what it will be tomorrow.
The reality around me is simply what it is.”

Jorge Bukaj

Dragana Potić was born in Zaječar, Serbia in 1977. She finished her basic studies in pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in 2002, and continued her education in 2004 when she became interested in Gestalt psychotherapy and began her education at Dr. Lidija Pecotic’s school “The Gestalt Studio For Education in Psychology” , which is a branch of the Maltese Institute of Psychotherapy. She completed her master’s degree in Gestalt psychotherapy at the Maltese Institute. She is a member of Gestalt Studio Belgrade, Serbian Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy, Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia,she is a holder of the National Certificate for Psychotherapy as well as member and holder of the European Certificate for Gestalt Psychotherapy (EAGT).

She has sought her life questions and answers, dealing with the question of existence in the broadest sense of the word, through pedagogical, psychological and philosophical literature. She combines Gestalt therapy with other types of therapy such as Accsess Bars technique and Logosynthesis, a system of guided change.

She deeply believes in the power and analysis of the subconscious as a way to get to know ourselves better and face and overcome many problems, dilemmas. Finding new ways of existence, we live and develop psychologically, learning about ourselves and our creative potentials… everything is prone to change, and sometimes when these changes destabilize us, we have the resource and the way to find our path. When we find the answers, new questions arise… and the search continues… It is the same in psychotherapy when we decide to take a step to meet ourselves, in the room with the therapist. Dragana Potić has managed to combine all her interests into one bigger goal, and that is the development of psychotherapeutic thought and way of life, spreading therapeutic culture, as well as to apply all these to her work with children, adolescents, adults …

The basis of the Gestalt approach consists of humanistic assumptions and philosophies of existence, as well as philosophies of the East. Her working experience as a school pedagogue helped her to detect the shortcomings of our school system, to improve the parent- child- therapist triad relationship, to include Gestalt therapy in working with students so the children she worked with had that privilege. She worked as a school pedagogue for 10 years, of which 5years in Kosovo, in the period from 2005 to 2009. At the same time, she became a certified Gestalt psychotherapist. She loves and enjoys music, yoga and of course working with people, growing together with them, spreading and sharing experiences…